Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cars in Heaven

Lately Gabe has brought up the topic of Heaven. He is sure that he will grow big and that I will get small. I think that this comes from his desire to be able to do things. He wants to be the big one and everyone else to be the small ones. He still does not understand that others do not have to be limited in order for him to learn new things. It is all about him.
Gabe desperately wants to be able to drive a car. This is a scary thought to me as I don't think that his delays will allow him to drive. He just does not make wise choices or think things through well. He is sure that there will be cars in Heaven and he will have a red one like his mom Dee had. He is sure that she will have her car back.
Gabe loves video games. He really likes Super Mario and driving all of the races. Wrecking is funny to him. Lately he has really applied himself to trying to drive with out wrecking instead of trying to wreck. However, he still laughs hysterically when he wrecks.
Well this post started out to be about Gabe's misconceptions about Heaven and has ended up being about his desire to drive. It seems that the 2 are definitely intertwined. He is so sure that he will drive in Heaven!


  1. what a beautiful blog! Thank you for visiting mine!!! I have a grandson with autism but not to the extent of Gabe! Gabe has been blessed by God with a mother like you! I will keep you in my prayers and will be sure to share your blog with some I know with children with autism also!