Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Concert

In a nearby neighborhood there is a Christmas concert that is held every year. As I sat with Gabe during the concert, he wanted to sing the songs he knew. It took me down memory lane to when he was about 4 or 5 years old. Gabe's mom DJ just loved to sing. Every year she joined the Christmas choir. Gabe would go with her to all of the practices. At the concert he knew all of the words to all of the songs. He would sit with me and sing along with the choir. As long as he sang quietly I would let him sing. He would get mad at me when soloists got up to sing. He knew all of their songs as well, but I would not let him sing along with them.
Gabe really has a love for music. He is looking forward to his turn to sing in the choir. I don't know if he will get a turn or not. He has a definite speech impediment and doesn't really carry a tune. He is not particularly aware that he is not on key, but he sure does love to sing out.
Gabe has sung special music at church. It's a little different than singing with the choir. People know that this young man is doing his best. They are not trying to sing on key while standing next to him.
Maybe he will get a turn, who knows.