Friday, March 1, 2013

Thoughts on Sharing

I've been encouraging Gabe to share some of his little kid toys with Maree. He still owns just a few toddler toys. Most of them disappeared during one or more of the moves that he has made. Most of them were gone before he moved in with us. But Gabe still does not like anyone to touch his toys. There are good days where he does let people touch something and not so good days where he whines and complains if anyone even comes close to his stuff.

I got to thinking about sharing. At first I was thinking I really 't share my stuff either. The kids aren't allowed in my sewing room. But then I realized that I really do share, a lot! So the next time Gabe started whining because I touched something of his I was ready. "I share with you all of the time. See the groceries that I just brought in? They are mine. I bought them with my money that I earned at my job

Gabe quickly pointed to the gluten free bread, "but that is mine and I can have it!"

"It's mine, I bought it." Gabe scowled at me. "However, I bought it to share with you," I said. "I like to share with you. In fact, when I make a sandwich for you I am sharing my time, my peanut butter and jelly, and I put it on one of my plates that I also share with you. Then you sit on a chair that belongs to both Dad and I and eat at our table that we share with you. We got this table and chair because people shared their money with us when we got married and we bought it. You are standing on the flooring that I bought in the house that Dad and I own. You walk on my carpet and sit on my couch, but I share these with the whole family."

"But , but," Gabe sputtered. I think that he thought that the the house and furnishings were just there somehow. Then he was scowling again.

"It's okay because we share. We have this house so we can share. Dad shares his electricity with you every time you listen to music, watch a movie, or take a shower. You sleep in a bed that Fred shares with you. You wear clothes that I bought. You ride in my van or Dad's truck. We all share with you. The least you could do is not complain if we touch something that you own." Gabe was clearly unhappy with all of the sharing. People are supposed to share with him, but the idea of him sharing with them is one that he does not like.

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