Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful autumn day. Gabe was up bright and early. For some reason I was incredibly tired and wanted to sleep in much longer than usual. Gabe came into my room and asked for clothes. I handed him clothes and laid right back down. He dressed and came back asking for pancakes. "I am really tired and need to sleep longer," I said. "Please play in your room for a while and I will make pancakes when I get up."
He said okay and went back to his room. He stayed there quietly until I got up. He was so peaceful and sweet this morning. After breakfast Gabe wanted a movie. I told him that chore come first. "It's a beautiful day and there are plenty of leaves to rake."
He did question the leaf raking but was not too sassy and rude about it. He went out of the door saying that he would get every leaf raked and then come back for the movie. A while later I went out. Gabe was busy raking. He had giant piles of leaves that he was trying to move towards the woods. I got the yard cart and went to help him. He questioned what I was doing. When I explained he was happy to work with me. We moved several cart loads (12 -15) of leaves into the woods. I complimented him on how well we were able to work as a team. He raked for over an hour. I let him take a break and watch the movie that he wanted.
Later in the afternoon Dirk got out the leaf blower. Gabe wanted to use it. It is a small electric one. Gabe moved many leaves with it. He made great progress once he got the leaves headed the right way. He did whine a bit when I first asked for a turn for just a few minutes. I was hoping that he would watch me and figure out how to get the leaves going correctly. He did watch, and he did much better afterward. He worked for a few more hours. If he had been totally effective in his efforts the yard would be well done. As it is, a major section of it is pretty well done.
All in all, it was a good day.

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