Thursday, October 6, 2011


Earlier this summer Gabe, Angel, and I attended a good old fashioned Camp Meeting. We stayed in a tent all week. Gabe really enjoyed the classes for the 7-9 year olds.
On Friday he came back to the tent with a tiny flower pot. "It's flowers," he said."We put them in this morning."
"What kind?" I asked.
"I said it's flowers!" he replied.
I added a little water to the dirt and set the pot on the dash board of the truck. By Saturday morning there was a little green 'knuckle' sticking out of the dirt. Later that day the flower was up enough to start opening it's leaves and there was another little green knuckle. By Sunday morning it was obvious that there were 3 flowers in the pot. I put the pot in the cup holder. As we drove the 2 hour trip home a total of 6 flowers came up out of the dirt. The first one grew and additional inch. It was like watching slow motion photography only it was happening right in front of us.
About a week after we got home I transplanted the flowers into the garden. 4 of them survived.This picture was taken about 3 months later.
Several more blooms appeared after the picture was taken.

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