Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Gabe can't wait for his birthday. He found out that it is six weeks and a few days after Fred's. He began focusing on the six weeks part. The trouble was Fred's birthday was still several weeks away. Gabe also knew that Fred's birthday was going to be on a Sabbath. So every week at church people kept coming up to Fred and wishing him Happy Birthday! Gabe was having trouble understanding - it's not this Sabbath, we have to wait a few weeks. It got to the point that he was almost mad at Fred for not hurrying up and having his birthday.
He really did get mad at me when I tried to explain. "Susan it's your fault. You didn't let Fred have his birthday." "If it weren't for me Fred would not have a birthday," I say. Gabe's not listening, but Fred chuckles. Fred is my only birth child. Gabe went on, "You can't stop it. So come on now, let him have his birthday.
When Gabe was done with his tirade I showed him the calendar once again. He really wasn't interested. "Just let him have his birthday, OK," he said as he walked out of the room.

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  1. Seventh-day Adventists worship on the seventh day of the week Saturday. This is the Biblical Sabbath.