Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Food Bank

Gabe and Dirk had planned to go camping over night last Saturday night. Several other friends were also planning to go. However, on Sat. morning Dirk felt really bad. He decided to stay in bed. That meant that Gabe would not be going anywhere with his dad. That put him in a mood.
Now Gabe was mad at me. He decided that it was my fault for making his dad stay in bed. Attempts to explain that it was his dad's choice to stay in bed were met with ridiculous arguing.
Because it was Sabbath morning Angel and I were planning to go to church. Now Gabe would be going with us too. Usually he likes to go, but not this morning. He said that I could not "steal him to church" with me. While he dressed for church as usual he continued to say things like, "I will not be going with you. I can decide to go camping if I want. I can go by myself." (a worry some thought - I hope he doesn't try taking off on his own sometime)." I can decide if I want. You will not find me." If this were a silent movie you would think that he was an obedient child as he dressed in the usual manner. If you heard only the sound track you would think that he was refusing to get ready. I had walked away after the first few comments  but I could still hear him talking. He was just making statements into the air.
On the way to church he informed me that he would attend his own class and not mine. I told him that was fine. I was thinking 'why would you go to mine?' It was good thing that we were on time. I had forgotten that his class was planning to go help at the food bank. They were loading to leave when we got there. His teacher is trying to show the kids how to become involved in community service. I was so glad that he got to go do something special. His whole mood changed when he realized that he was 'going by himself.' Of course he was with the class.
The teacher had all of the kids get a partner. She was Gabe's partner. He liked that. She said that he really helped. I was glad to hear that.
 Gabe also was in a much better mood the rest of the day. I had not looked forward to dragging around a grumpy child all day. We were out all day. We went with the puppets to tell the Christmas story and hand out gifts to the children in the projects. Then we visited a friend and went shopping. I was so glad to go without all of the arguing.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm pleased it gave me the opportunity to find yours. What an amazing story you have to tell! And what a fortunate boy Gabe is to have you and your loving family in his life.