Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Leaves Keep Falling on my Yard!

Because Gabe is the teen age boy in the house, he has been assigned the job of moving the fall leaves from the yard to the woods. A few years ago he hated this task. All of the raking hurt his hands and arms. Of course I helped a lot with the clean up then.
Last fall Dirk got him a leaf blower. This made all of the difference. Now he is a man with a power tool!
Last fall we had a hard time getting him to understand that the leaves needed to be blown to the woods at the back of the yard. He was having fun blowing them where ever. This year he has done much better at following a basic pattern to get the leaves to the back of the yard. They were so thick at some points that I had to get the yard cart and haul some of them back into the woods.  At first Gabe was mad. It is his job so "just leave me alone!" is what he says.
Because he knew that he should not blow the leaves into the neighbors yard he left a 3 foot swath of leaves along the property line. Our neighbor keeps a perfect yard. I came home from work one day to see her showing Gabe how to blow the leaves back toward our woods. She worked patiently with him. I was impressed. Then I began to realize her motivation was to be sure that the wind did not blow them back into her yard. Oh well, he listened to her and the job got done. Both Dirk and I had tried to show him how to blow them a few days ago, but all he did was argue then.
The job is almost done. We will need to finish tomorrow. It is predicted to snow this weekend.

On a totally different note, Maree is really growing

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  1. Interesting and funny experience with leaves blowing. Maree is so cute. Thanks for sharing.