Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gabe's Story - part 3

Gabe and his mother had come to visit us at Christmas 2009. He seemed to be doing much better than the last time we saw him. His mother however, was miserable. She had pulled something in her back, she thought.
Only two weeks into January of 2010, Gabe's big sister, an adult with her own children, called in tears. "Mom's in the hospital and they have given her 2 weeks to live."  It was cancer again and it was so far spread that there was nothing that they could do.
My husband and daughter went down to stay at the apartment with Gabe and do what ever else they could to be helpful. I went down on the weekends. Exactly 2 weeks later she died. Gabe had gone to the hospital almost every evening after school and sat there in his mother's room. He had been trying to listen to all that was being said and was confused and worried. When she passed away, I took the allowable 4 days off work to go to KY.
When my husband told Gabe that his mother had died, he just cried and cried. (very expected). Then he got mad and began to demand to go to the hospital. The apartment at that time was full of relatives. Gabe continued to demand to go to the hospital, threatening to arrest any one who would not take him. He was very sad and very angry. He knew that if someone would just take him to the hospital, he could surely find his mother.
There had been previous discussion about making sure that he saw his mother after she died, but she had slept so much in the last days that she did not appear at all different after she passed. The relative that had made the biggest deal about Gabe seeing his mother was the relative that was with her when she slipped into eternity. She decided that it would not make a difference. Gabe was staying with a friend that night and went off to school not knowing what had happened. Gabe's mother had planned to be cremated and so there was no viewing.

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